Standard Requirements:

1. Product Tables (two 8-foot tables) provided for our books, CDs, and informational materials.
2. Travel, meals, transportation, and hotel accommodations provided — or costs reimbursed — for Vinny Flynn and one Travel Companion (this person is responsible for handling his schedule, all logistics, and tables sales).
3. Stipend: $1500.

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*We understand that there are many different venues — from conferences to small churches — which may have different budgets. This is Vinny’s full-time work, and it supports his family. We are first and foremost, however, a ministry desiring to do God’s will in all things and spread an incredibly important message to the world.

We will prayerfully consider your needs, and have also produced audiobooks, study guides, and DVD’s for use with individual groups and parishes (link to store in main menu above).

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