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  • Quite simply, you exist because God chose you, from all the millions of others who could have been born. You are — at the very least — “one in a million.” ~ Vinny Flynn
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FullSizeRender Monday Musings … by Mary Flynn

  Welcome to our World     Like a lot of other Christian families, my mother has a tradition of leaving the creche empty until Christmas night, when the figure of the baby Jesus is laid in the manger. When we get back from midnight Mass on Christmas night, somehow Mom always makes sure that the baby Jesus miraculously “appears” in the stable before the rest... Read More

FullSizeRender Monday Musings … by Mary Flynn

    Rejoice! The Lord is near …   Yesterday was Gaudete Sunday, the third Sunday of Advent. Out of the entire year, the Mass readings for this day (from all three cycles)[1] have always struck a distinct chord in me. The very first reading this year I consider to be one of the most compelling verses in all of Scripture: “The spirit of the Lord GOD is... Read More

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  • The goal, the destination, or the purpose [of our life] is the encounter with God ... who desires to restore us ... ~ Pope Francis