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  • Quite simply, you exist because God chose you, from all the millions of others who could have been born. You are — at the very least — “one in a million.” ~ Vinny Flynn
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  10.20.14 St. Paul of the Cross Today is the feast of St. Paul of the Cross. Not knowing much about him, I went to my faithful Google search bar to read up on our saint of the day. [1] The summary version is that he was incredibly devoted to the Blessed Sacrament and the Cross of Christ, and he founded the Passionists. Ok. So how can St. Paul help us today? What wisdom... Read More

IMG_0069 Funeral Homily for Fr. George

Oregon, Ohio ~ THIRST FOR GOD
 ~ REMEMBERING FATHER GEORGE KOSICKI, CSB by Gordon Judd, CSB, August 14, 2014 Not even three days ago, five of us were gathered around Father George’s bedside when he breathed his last at 4:03 PM. I am still in shock at his death even though I was present to witness his diminishment, frailty, and... Read More

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  • The goal, the destination, or the purpose [of our life] is the encounter with God ... who desires to restore us ... ~ Pope Francis