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  • Quite simply, you exist because God chose you, from all the millions of others who could have been born. You are — at the very least — “one in a million.” ~ Vinny Flynn
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29IE_0qW Monday Musings … by Mary Flynn

  Come Close Now   Today is my godson’s birthday. My wonderful, crazy, rambunctious, talented, and often obnoxious godson. He’s pretty special and I love him to pieces. I don’t worry much or imagine tragic scenarios very often, but any time the thought crosses my mind of anything happening to him (or anyone else I care deeply for) a gut-wrenching dread wells... Read More

IMG_0012 Monday Musings … by Mary Flynn

  Living Under the Blessing   I love the Mass readings for yesterday’s liturgy. God revealing Himself to the boy, Samuel; the psalmist’s delight in abandonment to God’s will; the call to glorify God because we are not our own; and finally, the meeting of the Lord and Simon, who is given a new name, Peter. Each one of us can personally claim these scriptures,... Read More

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  • The goal, the destination, or the purpose [of our life] is the encounter with God ... who desires to restore us ... ~ Pope Francis