“If you are planning any type of religious event, Vinny’s spiritual presence, his teachings, and his family music ministry would be a great asset to your program.”
Fr. George W. Kosicki, CSB.

“You made a difference in my life that you will never know. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” ~ D.L., Buffalo. NY

“Your presence here and the ministry you provided were a benefit to all. Thank you for the Word and Song. Both were ‘what was needed.'”
~ Fr. R. Campbell, La Salette Shrine, Enfield, MA.

“Your ‘Secrets of the Eucharist’ talk is special beyond words! We were so blessed by your presentation.”
~ J.T., Lake Forest. IL

“Your talks are life-changing.”
~ S.O., Austin. TX

“Thank you very much for providing our parish with a wonderful mission. Many people have been touched and have expressed how much they enjoyed the three nights.”
~ Fr. Bob Deehan, Saint Bonaventure Parish, Manomet, MA

“Vinny Flynn has a powerful message to share. Those attending the mission were challenged and renewed by his words, which echo the scriptures and the official teaching of the Church. Our parish mission was life-giving.”
~ Fr. Richard Roberge, Good Shepherd Parish, Berlin, NH

“Your talks and music were exactly what I needed. My whole life has changed.”
~ S.B., Canton, OH

“MercySong gave a wonderful, uplifting, and heartfelt presentation, in word and song, of the treasures of our faith. Many of the people who attended shared with me how much they enjoyed it and how much they learned from it.”
~ Fr. David Raymond, St. Mary of the Assumption, Cheshire, MA

“We received great healing!”
~ J.B., Williamsville, NY

  • The goal, the destination, or the purpose [of our life] is the encounter with God ... who desires to restore us ... ~ Pope Francis