Marriage Prayer

Posted On June 29, 2013

When Donna and I were first married, on this feast of Sts Peter and Paul 45 years ago, I wrote a prayer for God’s blessing on our marriage. Today seems an appropriate day to share it:

Father God,

through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

and through the infinite merits of the Sacred Wounds of Jesus,

we offer You our lives and all that they contain:

our joys and sorrows, our hopes and fears,

our dreams and frustrations, our thoughts and actions.

Together we offer our successes with our failures,

our talents with our deficiencies,

our virtues with our faults.

We offer, too, the sum of all our love:

the little, surface loves,

the deep enduring loves

and, most of all, our love for each other.

Grant that we will always love each other;

that nothing will ever diminish our love,

but that it will know a constant growth.

Make us always conscious of each other,

always patient and forgiving,

self-less and considerate,

gentle and understanding.

Help us to live our love daily,

to grow with it, preserve it, and fulfill it,

always pure, always holy, and always One,

together forever in Christ.


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